Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watch yer heads, kids! -Ghastlie 02

Hey there crypt kids! Yer Uncle Ghastly here, back from the depths of Sleepy Hollow bringing to you the ghostly pumpkin-headed specter, the Headless Horseman! This bad dude is itching to get "ahead", so don't wait too long to put him together, my little ghastly ones! Print him out on some nice card stock and remember to curl his cape! He was born to raise Hell and he's a pain in the neck, but remember, ghouls just wanna have fun! Until next time children! AAWOOOOOOO!!!

Click here to download bad 'ol H.H.!


Desiree' said...

My kids loved them!!!!! :)

karlsie said...

You're a genius!! My (inner) kid loved 'em too!

Anonymous said...

He kind of needs a horse