Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He Knows If You've Been Naughty! Krampus- Ghastlie 04

Greeting Ghastlings! Yer Uncle Ghastly here, with a fang-tastic toy for your holidays! Straight out of the alpine regions of Austria and Hungary comes Krampus! They really know how to celebrate up there! Krampus is St. Nicholas' assistant and he's looking for naughty kids to whip with his birch rod and to put into his basket for the pits of Hell. Does that sound like you fiendlings? Yer Uncle hopes not, but if Krampus does come for you, tell him yer Uncle Ghastly's been a good boy, will ya? Until next time children! AAWOOOOOO!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Look alive kiddies, or it's yer last ride! - Lenore-Ghastlie 03

Greetings my minions! Yer Uncle Ghastly is back from Christine's "chop" shop to bring you a special treat. I present to you, my fiendlings, the queen of ghostly gears and sinister stick-shifts, the one and only Lenore: The Haunted Hot Rod Hearse! Decked out in ghost flames and wicked whitewalls, this creepy carriage is waiting for you to cut out n' build for some fang-tastic fun! Don't worry, she runs on ghost fumes (octane 13, of course) so she'll always be ready to ferry all of your willing passengers to the afterlife. Have fun and until next time my ghastlies, stay ghoul! AWOOOOOO!!!

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