Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Count Is In The House! - Ghastlie-01

Hiya Creeps! Yer Uncle Ghastly here, comin' from beyond the last house on the left to bring to you the first of hopefully many gruesome minions I like to call, "Ghastlies"! So grab yer X-acto knives and glue sticks and get ready to build your own supreme Nosferatu, the one-and-only, bad-ass Count Orlok! Click on the link below and the Count will rise from the grave! Be sure to print him out on some sturdy card stock so that he will be as stiff as the day he was newly buried. Remember fiends, be careful, he may bite! Until next time children! AAWOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Download the Count Now!

Template design and  inspiration from the talented Jack Hankins at Horrorwood Hills! Check it out!

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